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National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council

Central Fire Station
62 Hill Street
Singapore 179367

Contact Person: Mr Zee Chung Wei
Tel: 6332 3178
Fax: 6286 0073
Email: zee_chung_wei@scdf.gov.sg

The National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) is committed towards promoting fire prevention and civil emergency preparedness to make Singapore safe and secure.
+ Educate the public on the dangers of fire, proper use of the emergency services and the importance of emergency preparedness.
+ Involve the public in implementing fire prevention and emergency measures against the loss of life and property.
+ Instill a greater sense of self-reliance and preparedness towards civil emergencies.
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Charity Reg No: 00378
Charity Reg Date: 30 Sep 1986

Constitution: Society
Date of Establishment: 30 Sep 1986
UEN NO: S86SS0064F

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A Member of NCSS Central Fund
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General Population - Workers & Residents

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Fax No: 6286 0073
Email Add: zee_chung_wei@scdf.gov.sg

Mr K Shanmugam

Trustees/Board Members:
Mr Alan Loh Peng Leong - Chairman
Mr Markham Shaw - Vice -Chairman
LTC Dennis Quah Chee Onn - Honorary Treasurer
12 Board members

Key Employees:
AC Ling Young Ern - Executive Director

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