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Prinsep Street

What happened :
Fire broke out in an administration office at the 6th storey of a commercial building in Prinsep Street totally destroying the office and its contents. The fire consumed the office furniture, cabinets, documents, computers and a host of other office fittings.

The fire also damaged the electrical wiring; walls and ceiling of the entire office also sustained heat and smoke damages.

It was found that the fire had been caused by an electrical short circuit in a fluorescent light in the office. The spark from the electrical short circuit ignited the rubber insulator, which caught fire.

Damage to property:
The total damage to property was estimated at $500,000.

Injuries or loss of life:
Fortunately, a janitor who noticed the sparks when she switched on the light, called for assistance immediately.

Time period to resume normal life :
It took more than a year before business could resume and the losses recovered.

social costs :
A fire of this nature and magnitude apart from causing a tremendous financial loss, also disrupted the lives of employees and their families. The owners also had to start from scratch to rebuild their businesses.

Nearby office units and other tenants in the building were also inconvenienced by the road closure due to fire-fighting operations. Their daily business revenues were adversely affected.