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Electrical Overloading  

Geylang Road

What happened :
A fire broke out in a unit at the 2nd storey of a two-storey shophouse, off Geylang Road. The shophouse was home to some foreign workers.

According to one of the workers, the fire started from where the television and hi-fi were sited. There was a mess of electrical cables close by.

The fire gutted the entire unit, consuming the beds, mattresses, electrical appliances, refrigerators and the workers' personal belongings. The electrical wiring, walls and roofing were also severely damaged.

The cause of the fire was due to an electrical overload.

Damage to property:
The total damage to property was estimated at $400.

Injuries or loss of life:
Fortunately, there was no injury or fatality.

Time period to resume normal life :
It will take approximately 6-8 months before the occupants could resume their normal life.

social costs :
The workers were thoroughly inconvenienced. Firstly, they had to relocate as the unit was totally wrecked.

The owner of the unit on the other hand had to look into the refurbishment of the unit. Neighbouring units were also affected due to the heat of the fire and had to engage in some repairs.

Besides suffering financial and physical losses to entire or part of their units, the aftermath of the fire also include the mental anguish of losing their homes.