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Rubbish Chute Fire  

Jurong West Ave 5

What happened :
A rubbish chute at Block 722 caught fire, causing smoke to envelope some units. The fire was subsequently extinguished by residents with buckets of water.

Damage to property:
The minimal damage was confined to the interior walls of the chute.

Injuries or loss of life:
None in this case.

Time period to resume normal life :
A few days is required for the smoke and foul smell to ease off.

social costs :
Fires in rubbish chutes do not cause serious damage but do inconvenience the residents, especially when they open their rubbish chute lids to dispose of domestic refuse. As the smoke drifts into the unit, it leaves an odour that lingers.

The residents living in the block and the vicinity of the neighbourhood had to bear with the foul smell until some public-spirited neighbours doused it with buckets of water.

Those cooking in the kitchen will have to cover the food or stop their cooking altogether until the smoke clears.