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Shunfu Road

What happened :
A fire broke out in a HDB unit at Shunfu Road, engulfing the entire room and burning a 73 year-old lady badly on her left limbs and body. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment immediately.

It was later found that the old lady had lighted a cigarette with a matchstick and carelessly dropped it on the bed. The mattress subsequently caught fire.

Injuries or loss of life:
The occupant of the bedroom, a 73-year-old woman suffered 2nd degree burns as a result.

Time period to resume normal life :
It will take approximately 3-6 months before the occupant of the unit can resume a normal life.

social costs :
A simple act of lighting a cigarette had resulted in a lot of inconvenience because of a callous attitude towards fire safety. Time is required to refurbish the affected room and the lives of the other members of their family are disrupted.

Time spent on medical care for the old lady, her relocation while the room is refurbished and the stress she underwent after her experience could all have been avoided if caution had been practised.