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Emerald Park Condominium, Indus Road

What happened :
A fire broke out in a condominium where a tenant had left some food in an aluminum pot, over a lighted gas stove. She then left the house. Her daughter also left the house shortly after, forgetting about the food on the stove.

The overheated food caused the rangehood filter to be set on fire, which subsequently consumed the whole kitchen and the walls. There were heat and smoke damages sustained in the balcony area as well. Due to the heat and smoke intensity, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets and the living room sustained damages.

When the owner returned, she was hysterical and fainted twice before she managed to compose herself.

Damage to property:
The total damage to the property was estimated at $17,900.

Injuries or loss of life:
Fortunately, there was nobody at home, so there was no loss of life, nor any injuries sustained.

Time period to resume normal life :
It will take approximately 7-9 months before the family can resume a normal life.

social costs :
This fire invites a host of inconveniences. The family's life is disrupted, not to mention the time spent to refurbish the apartment. The loss of part of a home can be a traumatic experience.

Since the tenant has to make good the damages, which is quite substantial, this may cause her a lot of stress. While refurbishment is being done at their home, the tenant and her daughter would face the inconveniences of looking for a temporary home.