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Target audience
Students from primary schools to tertiary institutions.
To educate students at an early age on fire safety and emergency preparedness, and enhance their awareness of emergency preparedness and potential fire hazard identification skills.  
The Fire Safety Assembly Show, titled “Ever Ready For Emergencies”, is featured at primary schools nationwide in a fun and interactive approach. It aims to convey key emergency preparedness messages on fire safety, highlight SCDF’s Save-A-Life Initiative to create greater awareness on the installation of AEDs at lift lobbies of HDB Blocks, and incorporate SGSecure elements (Run, Hide, Tell and Improvised First Aid Skills – Press, Tie, Tell) to prepare students and teachers when they encounter a terror situation.


NFEC-NCDCC Inter-Unit Quiz aims to create a greater awareness amongst National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) cadets in promoting fire prevention, civil emergency preparedness and SGSecure messages in order to make Singapore safe and secure.

Competition results:


Junior Civil Defence Lionhearter Challenge is a key school engagement programme to commemorate Total Defence Day. It aims to facilitate participants’ learning of vital life-saving skills and better appreciation of the role of Lionhearters as champions of Emergency Preparedness and beyond.

Competition results:
2017 | 2016

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Ministry of Education (MOE)
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
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