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Eligibility & Benefits

Membership of NFEC has its rewards and all corporate and individual members of the council can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Members will be able to promote public awareness and concern about outbreaks of fire and to secure co-operation of the public in establishing proper prevention and protection measures against loss of life and property in case of fire under the guidance of the NFEC.
  • Members shall have access to utilisation of NFEC Mobile Exhibition Container for conduct of Fire Safety seminars and exhibitions.
  • Members shall have access to the Fire Safety booklets, posters and brochures produced by any of the Sub-Committees.
  • Members shall have access and be invited to attend all activities organised by NFEC at a special rate.
  • Members shall have opportunities to organise, co-ordinate and promote Fire Safety activities with counterparts for optimal efficiency.
  • Members shall have access to the NFEC newsletter, Flashpoint, to keep them updated on fire safety issues, activities and events organised by the Council.
  • Any member, whether individual or corporate, shall be entitled to one vote at all general meetings held by the Council.
  • Any corporate member may nominate any individual as its representative at meetings of the Council.

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