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mobile exhibits Panel
If you are responsible for promoting fire safety and prevention in your premises, we have just what you need! The Mobile Exhibits Panel (MEP) is a set of exhibits developed by the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) which contain messages on fire safety and prevention. These specially designed posters are colourful and contain pictures and messages on how to react in a fire emergency. These laminated posters come readily displayed on panels. The laminated posters come readily displayeed on panels. The panels are lightweight, compact and easy to assemble.

2 days loan
each additional day
Exhibit Panel Size
937 mm (Width) x 618 mm (Height)
Header with 4 Cliper Size
937 mm (Width) x 195 mm (Height)
Header Pole with 2 Rings Clip Size
30 mm (Diameter) x 200 mm (Height)
Centre Poles with 2 Rings Clip Size
30 mm (Diameter) x 630 mm (Height)
Base Pole with Rectangle Base
with 2 Rings Clip Pole Size
30 mm (Diameter) x 638 mm (Height)
Rectangle Base Size
410 mm (Length) x 40 mm (Weight) x 20 mm (Height)
specifications of rental
All Charges include delivery and setup.

All Charges are based on loan of a set of 20 posters for 2 days. Please note that there is no pro-rata rental charge for a loan that is less than 2 days in duration.

Delivery and setup will be done on actual day by 10:00 am. Recovery will be on the following day between 16:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Booking must be done 2 weeks in advance together with a deposit of $50/-. Any cancellation of booking done less than 3 days before date of loan will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

For any question on rental of the MEP, please contact Mr Zee Chung Wei during office hours at tel. 6332 3178 / 9.


Please mail completed applications form and cheque to:

The Administrative Manager
NFEC Secretariatc/o
Central Fire Station
62 Hill Street
Singapore 179367


Please click here for Mobile Exhibits Panel Rental Application form.