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“Stop”, “Drop” & “Roll” with Impy & Misty

Junior CD Emergency Handbook
The Junior CD Emergency was launched in April 2010.
It is a simplified version of the CD Emergency handbook,
presented in a manga format, distributed to all Primary 4 students.


Their names were inspired by SCDF’s Impulse gun and Water-mist gun. Meet Impy and Misty, the two mascots launched by SCDF and NFEC to promote fire safety and civil emergency preparedness among the primary school students in April this year.

Through a Mascot Design workshop and competition held in November 2009 for Secondary 3 students with Art and Design background, Ms Jaslyn Low from Riverside Secondary School conceptualized Impy and Misty, who were eventually adopted as the new mascots for fire safety and civil emergency preparedness.

Other than providing advisories on the Junior Civil Defence Emergency Handbook, Impy and Misty will also appear in 60 NFEC emergency preparedness drama shows for primary school students, as well as fire safety awareness workshops held in regional libraries and various locations in the heartlands in 2010.



Impy - NFEC Mascot
Misty - NFEC Mascot
Impy Misty

Character: Quick-thinking and passionate

Mission:  Instill the importance of fire safety education and the consequences if we do not practise it.

His weapon: Impulse gun – an equipment that is able to accelerate the release of water to penetrate deeper into fires, putting out small fires faster.

Character: Cool and observant

Mission: Provide children with useful fire safety tips so that they can live in a fire safe environment.

Her weapon: Water mist gun – an equipment that can create high pressured micro water mist that disperses around the fire and reduces the temperature rapidly, terminating the fire.